We are all thinking about how to have everything at our fingertips, to have a kindergarten and a shop and a doctor and SPENS nearby …

But when you get into a situation where you have to travel, then you realize that it's not that bad. For example, we lived across the street from the kindergarten and each time we got up at 5min to 8 and were late for breakfast. Out of bed, not yet awake, it looked the same every morning.

Now that our kindergarten is 5km away it looks much better. We get up earlier because we know we should do our best to arrive on time. We choose different variants of transportation (on foot, bus, bike, car), but we like the bike the most. We arrive at the kindergarten blushing and hungry 😋 😋 and after this morning activity, we are ready for the whole day.

On my way home, I take the opportunity to stop by some parks along the way and do some exercises so I can sit quietly at the computer afterwards. I liked that morning recreation so much that I started applying for marathons and triathlons. I don’t think I’ve been in better shape in my life, all thanks to a remote kindergarten.